View Full Version : Help.. how to remove a Xenar rear element from the barrel

29-Jun-2010, 16:39

I have nice 210 / 4.5 Xenar in a barrel, but would like to use it in my #3 shutter (not so often used with the 355/9 G-claron now mounted there).

The front element comes off with no problem, but the rear element is not moving at all.. Any tricks here? (or pin screws I not have seen so far) cooling/heating/spanners/hammers etc..

I'm sure i can get it out with the bigger hammer approch, but it would be dam fine if its usable at the same time also :)

Solved, using my lens spanner... but its much smaller than the #3 shutter!! So more research or a help:new thread. :confused:

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Paul Ewins
29-Jun-2010, 22:05
The 210/4.5 Xenar belongs in a Compound 3 for which there is no modern equivalent. The best source for a Compound 3 shutter will be .... a 210/4.5 Xenar. The other possible donors are early examples of the 300/500 Symmar convertible or the 360/5.5 Tele Xenar or Tele Arton which will all cost you more than the Xenar. That may sound pointless, but one might turn up with bad cells (chips, fungus, bent rim) that you could use. The shutters do show up by themselves from time to time, but won't necessarily be cheaper than buying a complete lens due to some strange property of eBay economics.

30-Jun-2010, 19:11
Try use a rubber belt type wrench; I bought mine in home hardware store.It used for chorme pipe purpose.

1-Jul-2010, 00:05

Yes I have concluded that a bad lens in a compound #3 shutter might be the best way ahead here. Auto search in place on US and German ebay!

Rubber band wrench Is a good idea, for stuck lens elements and filters.