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David Hedley
27-Jun-2010, 09:49
I'm a new owner of a Sinar F, which I'll be pressing into action once I get a lensboard adapter from SK Grimes.

I am also interested in using this as a basis for getting into a larger format, either 5x7 or 8x10. I am not sure, however, how the format change works. Do you need a completely new rear standard? Looking at this 5x7 format adaptor (http://cgi.ebay.ch/SINAR-FORMATADAPTER-5X7-13X18-KPL-/350369568293?cmd=ViewItem&pt=DE_Elektronik_Computer_Foto_Camcorder_Foto_Camcorderzubehör_PM&hash=item5193a75625#ht_1791wt_1139) on ebay, I can't work out how I would fit this onto the F rear standard, as there seems to be no means of removing the 4x5 back from the standard support. There are four screws holding the back to the standard, but I can't believe that I'd unscrew these and put the new back on. Is this 5x7 adaptor for a different camera such as the Sinar P, and do I need to be looking for something else?

Allen in Montreal
27-Jun-2010, 10:02

That format kit shown in your link is for the P series, so you would also need a P series rear standard bearer. Big and heavy (and stable) compared to the F series.

There are some 5x7 F series cameras out there, but not many from what I have seen.
There are 8x10 F series too and just the rear end of the F 8x10 is pretty rarely seen.

The F 8x10 came in 2 versions, one had a much larger, stronger, spring loaded front standard. That is, I believe, the F2 8x10.

The vast majority of the format changing kits we see on the Evil are for the P series cameras.

I have been watching the evil for a rear F series 5x7 kit for a long time, they are rare like Hen's teeth!

Steve M Hostetter
27-Jun-2010, 10:50
Hello David,,

As Allen stated ,Get the 8x10" P rear standard and it will support 4x5- 8x10-11x14 and bigger custom backs & bellows kits.


David Hedley
27-Jun-2010, 12:09
Thanks, Allen and Steve.

27-Jun-2010, 15:32
Or get the sinar norma 8x10 back. Much smaller standard and easily carried around, but no shift. I use the norma 8x10 back with front F2 (for tilt calculator) when I travel.
I take the carrier frame of the F2 apart from the standard by removing the tiny screw that stops the frame from falling when shifting.

David Hedley
28-Jun-2010, 11:01
Stephane - thanks, I will look out for a Norma back as well - it will probably be lighter.