View Full Version : HOw dO YOU MaKE GROund GLAss?

Steve M Hostetter
26-Jun-2010, 18:35

I am currently making a 8x10"- 11x14" expansion back for a Korona.. I would like to know where you get the powder you need and the procedure in making the GG myself.
and does the thickness of the glass matter that much.? This will be a deardorff copy

I could also benefit from knowing If anyone out there might have some old hardware laying around they might consider trading for some custom lens boards.. :rolleyes:

Thank you

Scott --
26-Jun-2010, 19:05
Think lapidary supply...

26-Jun-2010, 19:27
If you belong to APUG, Ian Grant just this week posted a very good article on making ground glass. It is posted both as an article and as a thread.


26-Jun-2010, 22:51
Thanks Dan, yes I have posted an article on APUG (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum216/78392-making-ground-glass-focus-screen.html), and have now made quite a number of new screens (15+) in a wide variety of sizes Quarter plate to 10x8, as well as re-grinding older dim screens.

I'll see if the article can be added here as well in the Resources section.

In answer to Steve 2mm glass is ideal as it's readily available.


26-Jun-2010, 23:07

Got my supplies from here http://www.willbell.com/ATMSupplies/ATM_Supplies.htm, very reasonably priced. Screen turned out great.

This method takes around 2 hours for a 4x5 but makes a very finely grained screen, using down to 3 micron powder.

26-Jun-2010, 23:36
Here is where I by my Silicon Carbide in graded sizes to 1000 and from 1lb to 50lb. https://www.kingsleynorth.com
I've found that shipping costs are a little high but not excessive.
Denise Libby

27-Jun-2010, 00:14
Willman Bell, as mentioned above, is a good source for grits, as is Newport Glass, found here:



eric black
27-Jun-2010, 04:27
Highland Hardware in Atlanta sells any grit that you would be interested in- they are used by woodworkers for sharpening. www.highlandwoodworking.com is the site if I remember correctly

Steve M Hostetter
27-Jun-2010, 09:10
Thank you for all the response.. sounds simple enough for even a cyborg like myself:D

30-Jun-2010, 12:15
ok...here is the smart ass way of finding your answer. Trust me, I had this sent more than once...I am a slow learner.


All in good fun.


5-Jul-2010, 03:02
I've just made a new screen for my Speed Graphic using Ian's suggestions on APUG.

I've made many before, using car engine-valve paste. OK... but a bit coarse. Using silicon carbide grit produced excellent results - I'm very pleased how it turned out. I used 2mm window glass from the local glazier - nothing special.

I found my grit at a mineral supplier. It is used as 'stone tumbling grit', for people whose hobby is polishing gem stones.

Steve Barber
5-Jul-2010, 04:18
By ordering it from Steve Hopf: