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25-Jun-2010, 12:19
I have been just offered locally (Argentina) a brand new (demo) Jobo Multitank 12 at a bargain price. I've never developed sheet film before and don't think I'll be developing more than 4-6 sheets at the same time. I googled the tank and it seems that it consists of (2553 + 2560) tanks. The question is- is it possible to use just one of the tanks, the 2553 to process a small batch, or do I have to use it on full capacity? What reel should I buy? At first I thought of using trays, but a complete dark room is still out of the question and the Jobo tanks look just fine for small batches.
They offered me a roller base also, so I plan to develop in a fashion similar to the described in Mr. M. Gordon's video.
Unfortunately, the jobo is located some 1000 miles away, so I can't check it by myself and the seller has no idea about processing.
Thanks a lot, I'd really appreciate any help.
Have a nice weekend.

30-Jun-2010, 13:45
Well, I bought it anyway.... arriving anytime soon.

1-Jul-2010, 18:37
well, it arrived and it looks really great. What I definitely can't find is if it's possible to develop just one reel loaded and how much chemistry would it require for hand rotating it in a sink