View Full Version : Kodak 5x7 2D vs. 33a

24-Jun-2010, 13:19
What's the differences?

Mark Sawyer
24-Jun-2010, 16:21
The 2d has two big advantages:

1.) It has a detachable rear rail (and a correspondingly longer bellows) so it can get a much longer bellows extension.

2.) It has a sliding tripod block underneath to balance the camera better on the tripod.

A third advantage for the 2d, if I remember correctly, was that the 33a may not have had swings at the rear, just tilt, (the 2d had both.)

The 33a was fixed at the rear standard, if I remember right, so all focusing was done at the front. The 2d's hardware and overall design was much more elegant in my eyes. Though the 33a was introduced later than the 2d, it seemed like a more primitive design.

25-Jun-2010, 19:55
Thanks, Mark.