View Full Version : Follow along with my restoration of an Anso 8x10

24-Jun-2010, 08:53
She had been beaten and abused then apparently dunked in some horrific red varnish to cover her scars (ok beauty marks). Repairs made with nails have been fixed with clamps and glue. I expect it to have quite a bit of character when done! Front standard is almost complete! Its leaning against what I now know is an Aero ektar sans flange that came from the same find. Should make for an interesting pair. I also included a before pick for a reference.

Jim C.
24-Jun-2010, 09:14
Nicely done !
What type of finish did you use ( shellac, lacquer ) ?

24-Jun-2010, 09:59
Just a minwax antique oil finish. I wanted something easy.

Julian Hopf
24-Jun-2010, 10:42
Have you ever tried rennaissance wax before? I salivate over that stuff.