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15-Apr-2002, 15:21

I'm trying to find a European source for Kodak TMAX 100 in Readyloads (single sh eet).

None available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. I asked Robert White in the UK but they sell no Kodak products. In France the website of Prophot in Pari s shows Readyloads, but in a French forum I found a quote that it was the older two-sheet version (website not updated I think). I asked Prophot and am waiting for an answer.

Ordering in the US is no option: Shipping is 40 to 50 USD, and one has to pay at least 19% VAT when it enters the country (Netherlands). Even on a 4 box order, the shipping costs are horrendous.

Somewhere on the Kodak UK website I found a document F4016 that refers to single sheet readyloads, it looks like it is available in the UK.

Any other UK mailorder companies I could try my luck?


Roger Marques
15-Apr-2002, 16:20
Prophot in Paris has it. Better to call then, their website isn't updated very frequently.

Jimmy Peguet
16-Apr-2002, 01:19
TMAX 100 single sheet Readyloads are available at Prophot in Paris (I recently bought several boxes). The single sheet Readyload holder is not yet avalaible.

Sal Santamaura
16-Apr-2002, 10:45
Have you tried Calumet UK yet?

16-Apr-2002, 11:50
In reply to all previous posts,

1st, thanks for your help!

In Belgium, Germany and Belgium no TMAX 100 in readyloads.

In France you can by them at www.prophot.fr in Paris, approx. Euro 40,--/box of 20 sheets. I've asked Prophot yesterday what the shipping costs are to send them from France to the Netherlands, I'm waiting for an answer. Prophot should have the TMAX100 readyload normally in stock at the store.

I've send an email to Calumet in the UK. There website doesn't list TMAX100 in readyload. I'm waiting for an answer.

The Kokak UK and Kodak France websites list TMAX in readyload.

Oh before you all post back: Robert White in the UK doesn't carry Kodak products (and FWIW: the Acros-100 in Quickload is also not available)


16-Apr-2002, 11:52
Bad proof reading:

...Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands...

tim atherton
16-Apr-2002, 12:34
Film pricing in Europe (probably elsewhere) is full of vagaries... From what I understand, the likes of RW don't really stock much film, because the mega photo stores sell it for less than what Fuji and Kodak charge wholesale to the smaller stores, so what's the point...


16-Apr-2002, 13:56

It's not the price-tag that concerns me the most.

The point is simply the fact that TMAX 100 in Readyload is not readily available in every European country. So before mailordering in the US I would first like to see if I can order it within Europe.

Maybe living in the US you can take some LF related things for granted, but here in the Netherlands it's much harder.

Dave Tolcher
16-Apr-2002, 16:20
I buy my TMAX 100 readyloads from Teamwork in the UK (www.teamworkphoto.co.uk). Last box of 20 that I bought was #26 ukp. They can get them almost next day.