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Dennis Smith
24-Jun-2010, 07:34
Looking for advice regarding film and developer combinations for Adox and Efke sheet films. Currently using Tri-X and PMK but am looking to switch as the cost of Tri-X keeps rising. Is PMK a viable developer for Adox and Efke or should I be considering another developer?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dennis Smith

Daniel Stone
24-Jun-2010, 12:52
IMO efke 25, 50 and 100 look good, if not great, in almost any developer.

they're all a higher contrast breed of films(especially 25 IMO), but whether you're using D-23, D-76 or pyrocat-hd(which I'll be starting some testing with after a trip this summer, LOTS of people like the EFKE 100/Pyrocat-HD combo), these films are ALL capable of producing outstanding results.

they take some getting used to, and the QC isn't as good as Kodak or Ilford, but for students(like me), or budget-minded folks(who isn't these days ;)), Efke has some great films!

right now I'm liking what I'm getting from the 510 Pyro(Jay DeFehr's formula, mix it yourself), as well as HC-110(diltution "H", 1/2 of B, double the "B" time).

and since the availability of getting these films in ULF sizes is easier(and cheaper too :)), its very nice for the people using over 11x14


Drew Wiley
24-Jun-2010, 15:14
I routinely use PMK for Efke/Adox 25. The results are superb. Just be aware that the
gelatin on this film won't tolerate hot water (process at 20C), and if you use an acetic
acid stop bath it should be quite weak.

Robert Hughes
25-Jun-2010, 07:38
I use D-76 with my Efke 100. It works just like it should.

25-Jun-2010, 07:55
The Adox/EFKE films work extremely well in staining developers, the tanning action helps harden the emulsion and also enhances the edge effects,

I use mine with Pyrocat HD, but someone gave me some PMK which I intend to try shortly - more out of interest than a desire to change :D


Rick A
25-Jun-2010, 08:24
Been using D-76 for over 40 years, and love the stuff for everything I shoot. Lately I've been playing with Pyrocat-HD for everything except ortho, and after nearly a dozen rolls, I'm finally getting the hang of using it. I think Pyro is going to end up a mainstay for my darkroom.

25-Jun-2010, 08:49

I use XTOL with Adox CHS 50 and 25. The results are great.....