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24-Jun-2010, 04:40
I've been using 5x4 studio cameras (Sinar) for about 11 months now whilst at uni. I've just purchased my own field camera a Wista VX but i'm not too sure about what lens board I need. I am reluctant to buy a lens until I know I can attach it to the camera.

Any help would be appreciated guys!

Lachlan 717
24-Jun-2010, 04:46
Stick to anything mounted on a Copal 00, 0 or 1 and you should be safe, regardless of camera.

Copal 3s are starting to get big, as, too, are the slabs of glass they hold... If you keep these points in mind, you'll be right with any camera you buy in the future (excluding some of the Press Cameras).

Drew Bedo
24-Jun-2010, 06:41
An alternative strategy might be to first: Keep an eye out for the best optic available at the price-point you can tolerate. . . .and buy it. Mounting the lens in a lens board proper for your camera should be a smaller problem than getting a good lens in a good shutter.

Please let us know what you finally do.