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22-Jun-2010, 16:48
Hi All;
I'm looking for a repair service to check shutter speeds on a Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 135mm lens. The glass is in great shape.
John Barclay

Brian Ellis
22-Jun-2010, 17:25
It would be a good idea to say where you're located.

Roger Thoms
22-Jun-2010, 17:28
I've had good results with Flutot's (usually a wait involved but most economical), SK Grimes, and ICT Camera. These should all come up in Google.


Nathan Smith
23-Jun-2010, 08:15
Paul Ebel is great as well:

Paul Ebel Lens Services
420 21st Street North Suite #2
PO Box 141 Menomonie
WI 54751
Tel. (651) 335-8759
email paulebel44@yahoo.com

23-Jun-2010, 08:27
In the UK Black on White in Bristol (http://www.bonwcameras.co.uk/) are excellent, very fast and reasonable prices. They've done 4 repairs/CLA's for me so far.

Carol Flutot has posted on APUG very recently that she's accepting no new work until she's cleared a backlog.


Bob Salomon
23-Jun-2010, 10:29
Keeble and Shuchat in Palo Alto, Pro Camera in Charlottesville, Pro Camera in DC and many others can easily do this work. BTW, the shutter speeds are off. You really can't have a lens whose shutter speeds are off. For shutter repair they need to know what shutter and size you have not what is mounted in the shutter.

23-Jun-2010, 11:25
Before worrying if it needs a CLA/service you might try a simple test of the slow speeds these are usually the first to go off tolerance.

This can be done surprisingly simply with a PC, microphone and a Wave editor program like Audacity (Open Source & free).

It's most likely a Compur shutter and they are remarkably well made, better than modern Copals, and my 1913 165mm Tessar in an very early Compur is more accurate than 20 year old Copal shutters, as are my other pre WWII Compurs.


23-Jun-2010, 18:43
Thanks All for your replys
They were all informative and helpful
John Barclay
Oakland CA

26-Jun-2010, 09:38
Carol is excellent, but cleaning up the work that piled up.... worth waiting if you can....