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22-Jun-2010, 16:24
Hello again,

I wonder if anyone has knowledge of the Ilex #5 shutter size range. I'm assuming there are numerous varieties of the shutter.

I do already know the Kodak Portrait lens 305mm has a physically different shutter to the one with the Caltar 375mm f6.3 lens - even though it be an Ilex #5. The front thread on the Portrait is a weeny bit smaller than the thread on the Caltar.

The reason I'm asking is because I want to mount a lens into the shutter and I'd like to get expensive machining work completed on a shutter that I might be able to get a replacement for. I'd like to think I might buy a shutter and have a reasonable chance of it being the same as the one I might break.

Ahhh for standards ! (ISO and metric for my tastes!)



22-Jun-2010, 19:43
The Ilex #5s are consistent in size except for many of the ones made for Kodak. If you avoid the Kodak ones you should be OK.

22-Jun-2010, 20:19
Thank you Sir!

I shall keep this in mind. I've been looking at the SK Grimes site about thread sizes and they make no mention of the Kodak varieties. Either does another site http://www.sizes.com/tools/shutter_photo.htm.

I'm off to the machinist to get both of them measured. Lets hope I remember to post my findings for others to see.


John Kasaian
22-Jun-2010, 23:46
If your #5 Universal says Kodak on it, it will likely fit your Kodak lens. If it dosen't say Kodak it is a safe bet it won't fit. You could probably find a #5 Universal built for a Kodak lens cheaper than any machining might cost. Look at SK Grimes site again, unless the site has been changed there is/was some info explaining the difference.