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22-Jun-2010, 10:28
I'm in Virginia for a couple weeks, sans camera. Anyone know of places to view some good photography? I'm particularly interested in looking at some good black and white work, as I have no real idea what good prints look like. I'm staying near Williamsburg, but will be in Newport News for a few days, and may go to DC for a day.

Scott Davis
22-Jun-2010, 10:53
If you come to DC, you MUST go visit the National Portrait Gallery/American Art Museum. They always have something worth checking out - there is a really nice biennial portraiture competition on display right now, and a show about evolving neighborhoods in DC in the 1930s. Over at the National Gallery of Art is the Allen Ginsberg photography show. Take a look at the Newseum and see what they are showing - they may have something of interest.

The Corcoran Gallery has an Eadward Muybridge exhibit that would be worth checking out, and it runs through July 18. The Phillips Collection has a display of Stieglitz's Equivalents, also worth checking out.

If you'd like to see some platinum prints, and will be in DC this weekend, I'm teaching a Platinum/Palladium printing class at my workshop/gallery space which is in Hyattsville, Maryland, a close-in suburb of DC. There are some of my platinum prints on the wall as well. You can find information about the space at http://artreactor.org .

The one really good commercial gallery for fine photography in DC is Kathleen Ewing, but I think she is now open only by appointment. You can also check out Fraser Gallery in Bethesda (a very short walk from the Bethesda Metro station).

I don't know what is available in Richmond at the moment, but that's not far from Williamsburg. Doing a quick web search, it seems that most of the art galleries in Richmond don't carry photography at all, nor do the museums feature it regularly.

Hope this helps.

23-Jun-2010, 05:43
Thanks, Scott. That gives me some ideas to work with.