View Full Version : wide to medium angle lens on Linhof Tech III 4 x 5

J.L. Frost
10-Mar-2002, 16:05
I am looking for some opinions on a wide to medium angle lens to use with a Linh of Tech III 4 x 5. The only other lens I have is a Rodenstock Geronar 210 which I use for still life and landscapes. This Geronar uses 49 mm filters and with a step ring I can use my 52 mm B + W filters. Since I am on a budget I would like a lens I can use these filters with.Thanks in advance ..... Jack

matthieu l.s.
11-Mar-2002, 04:48
120mm/f6.8 Schneider Angulon. Image circle 21O mm, filter ring 49 mm, shutter N?1. I have bought one (1963 vintage), it is very cheap (150 $ in France) and I am really very satisfied with it althought I never made comparisons with a more modern wide angle lens. Moreover, the 120mm and 210mm focal lenghts are, in my opinion, very well assorted.