View Full Version : Toyo 45AII knob problem

Chris CS
21-Jun-2010, 05:59
After a bump to the locked front standard the left knob for front rise/fall has broken. Instead of forward/counter-clockwise motion tightening the knob to lock, it now simply unscrews until it comes off.

Inside the knob I can hear a nut of some kind rattling around. Is there a way to open up the knob and fix it myself, or am I screwed?

Any help is much appreciated. :)

Dave Hally
21-Jun-2010, 13:38
I have repaired my 45A several times. The rise/fall knob has a round metal disc in its outside face. Gently pry this out and you should find a small snap ring loose in there, There may also be a small washer, that goes under the snapring. I glue the cover back in with a couple of small dots of silicone.