View Full Version : 45mm Apo Grandagon VS 47mm Super Angulon XL

Suthep Kritsanavarin
10-Mar-2002, 14:40
Could anyone recommend and compare these two lenses for image quality, sharpness , contrast and resolution? I intend to use one of these lenses for roll film for mat.

Thanks, Suthep

Walter Glover
10-Mar-2002, 16:53

Both are excellent lenses and ideally suited to roll-film formats up to and including 6x12. However, the Schneider has the added advantage that it will cover full frame 4x5 with minimal movements if you need it to. The Rodenstock will not.

Walter Glover

paul owen
11-Mar-2002, 06:38
Got myself a 47XL a few weeks ago, and although I haven't had chance to reaaly try it out (terrible weather here!!) I've done some interiors and it is AWESOME! Plenty of coverage even with full frame 5x4 even though I intend using it for 6x12! Incredibly sharp too. The 45mm is also a great lens but does not have the same coverage. BTW you will probably find that you need the centre filter IIIc if you plan on shooting 5x4 with movements. I certainly recommend the 47XL.

Skot Weidemann
18-Apr-2002, 08:16

I have been using a Grandagon 45mm f 4.5 for a few years to shoot onto mostly 6x9 rollfilm, and I love it. If I need critical even exposures edge-to-edge however, I use the Rodenstock center filter. I had one job where I shot an entire 13 story building from a mid- point window in a building across the street using the center filter onto 4x5!

I suspect the Grandagon does not have as large an image circle as the Schneider XL, however it is nice to be looking at a ground glass image projected through a bright f 4.5 lens.

Skot Weidemann