View Full Version : Just got my first LF(?}camera!

Red Robin
20-Jun-2010, 08:18
Anyone know about a Burke&James 2 1/4x3 1/4 Miniature Speed Press w/f:4.5,101mm lens? It uses plates. Can supplies be had? It came with a manual, but then user manuals have come a long way since mine was printed. I shoot film on rangefinders and SLR's, but this is different real real different. Any suggestions or links are welcome. RED ROBIN

Vick Vickery
20-Jun-2010, 20:19
If its in good shape, its a nice little camera. You will need to buy some double-sided sheet film holders for it and you can find both black and white and color sheet films in that size from the normal film sources such as B&H Photo, Freestyle Photographic, JustFilm, Samy's, and many others (it uses FILM in the holders, not plates). Most of those cameras can be focused either on the ground-glass back (under the little door on the back of the camera) or by use of the rangefinder mounted on the side or top of the body. You need to do a little light reading now...I like to suggest Adams' "Camera and Lens", the first book in his famous series and one that is available in most libraries. Others will have other recommended reading. Have fun with it, and welcome to group therepy! Post where you are from...you might find some local help understanding it all around here.

Red Robin
21-Jun-2010, 10:37
Vick, thank you for your time and info. RED R.

21-Jun-2010, 13:25
I was able to order HP 5 6X9 CM film from Freestyle in Los Angeles last year from Ilford. this is still in production though not stocked. It can take up to 8 weeks to get film and costs the same as 4X5. So for the cost you may want to look at 4X5! An alternative is to look for a Century Graphic with HP 8 roll film backs which are interchangeable and do the same job as sheet film.