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19-Jun-2010, 13:55
I am hoping to go to Canada to photograph. Where would you suggest I get 120 and 5X7 C41 processed. Is there a supplier there for 120 Portra that you would recommend.

Thanks for your help.


Allen in Montreal
19-Jun-2010, 14:50
Bad news Luther, I don't know of anyone that process 5x7 here in MTL.
You do not say where in Canada you will be visiting, but 120 Portra is very common, and processing of 120 film is not an issue.

Borealis is said to be the last lab doing E-6, they told me they think they threw away the 5x7 racks!:mad:

The also said they could not recall anyone else asking for 5x7 in many many moons.

If you come to MTL, stop in at Camtec Photo in Old Montreal, great guys, one of the biggest Leica dealers in the country too. Send an email in advance to be sure they have the film you need when you arrive.

Allen in Montreal
19-Jun-2010, 19:04
I messed that post up, sitting in my car on my phone, and now I can not edit it. Sorry.
Are you only in Montreal or heading through Toronto too?
I would think the odds of finding 5x7 racks in TO are better than here.

20-Jun-2010, 06:49

Thanks so much for the info. I no longer travel with film if I can do something else. I will follow your advice. I may be in Toronto as well and have leads for a couple of places that process C41.

It is hard to find a "professional lab one can depend on in Dallas/Fort Worth. Mostly I process my own C41.


23-Jun-2010, 23:23
It is hard to find a "professional lab one can depend on in Dallas/Fort Worth. Mostly I process my own C41.


I don't shoot 120 or 5x7, so I can't help you there, but it is getting rather difficult for analog shooters here. Economics (well, amongst other more noble reasons) have pretty much forced me down the path towards home processing as well. Of course, that doesn't mean getting C-41 chemistry is easy, either. I just bought a Kodak E-6 kit that had been marked down because the very day I walked in to the store just happened to be the same as the expiry date written on the box! Not a good sign as far as demand, and therefore, supply goes. Great deal, though!

28-Jun-2010, 09:19
In Toronto this is THE place:



Allen in Montreal
12-Jul-2010, 15:37

I am happy to report that Borealis has located two 5x7 racks for their machines and can do 5x7 C-41 and E-6 again.

Each rack takes 6 sheets, so 12 max per session.


13-Jul-2010, 18:24
I just came back from a trip to Quebec City several weeks ago and, to my knowledge, there are no film processors there either. At least I didn't find anyone here who knew of any and found none during my photo excursions.

But I did find the security personnel at the airport were very cordial this time and they agreed to hand-inspect my sensitive films. I didn't ask them to hand inspect everything. There was a bunch of 120 rolls and 4x5-sheets that went through the scanners with no apparent x-ray damage when processed.

Makes me glad I have a local lab near enough that I can stop by any day on my daily commute with little lost time. I hope they never close. Bob G.