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Doug Howk
19-Jun-2010, 12:28
I acquired the lens (along with an Ansco Studio camera); and the glass appears in good shape. Its in a Studio shutter that does not perform correctly. Flutots was able to free up the shutter portion but the aperature f/stop openings does not work. I could always do the hat trick if I could get the aperature working (it stays wide open except for when the shutter is cocked).
Any suggestions? Maybe replacing the Studio shutter with a manual aperature? Who could perform that work?

Paul Fitzgerald
19-Jun-2010, 19:46

there is a barrel version at ebay #270595775849, you should still have time to decide.

(Nothing to do with the sale or seller)

Brian Bullen
19-Jun-2010, 20:53
Paul, the lens you mentioned on ebay is missing the front glass element. Notice the shiny brass inside the front. The first time this lens was listed another ebayer pointed it out and the comment was posted at the bottom of the listing. This time no mention of the missing glass! I sent him a note about it. We'll see what he says.

Jan Pedersen
19-Jun-2010, 21:15
I would have to disagree. look at the reflections in front of the iris, there is glass in both ends of this listed lens.
I don't know the seller so i am not trying to protect anyone.

Brian Bullen
19-Jun-2010, 21:21
Jan, there is glass in both ends but this version is the soft focus type. The element that sits in the front adjustment ring is missing.

Brian Bullen
19-Jun-2010, 21:29
Sorry to hijack your thread Doug.

I found the old listing # 270589317686 and I copied the the Q&A from the bottom.

Question & Answer Answered On
Q: Hi There I m not seeing all the elements in the front group of your Velostigmat. It look to me as if the front piece of glass is missing. own 8 + velostigmat II . The front lens is a combination made up of two pieces the front being roundish on the side facing out. the second (which seems to be present in your lens) is concave to different degrees on either side. The front piece would revolve around to add softness that's what the # 0-5 is for on the front rim. sometimes they are frozen when found. If you can turn this & no glass revolves w/ ring then the front is gone. seen that before from falls in & out of doors on jagged edge. Anyhow, just wanted to point this out so you don't have an angry buyer. life can be hard enough. BTW- you can point the lens towards a light source & see if it projects an image on a wall(preferably white) if the image is sharp & looks about 14" focal lenght.Then both front elements are present. One more thing. The rear is OK. Jun-05-10
A: Yes I think you're right, thanks for pointing this out. Their does appear to be an element missing and their is one small chip of it remaining in the groove. The very front bezel is numbered around it's rim from 0-5 but is stuck on 5. Again, thanks for bringing this to my attention as I would not have known. The current high bidder may want to reconsider in light of this.

Jan Pedersen
19-Jun-2010, 21:32
Brian, Thank you for clarifying this. Seller is obviously not honest.

20-Jun-2010, 04:20
copied from the above listing

"On Jun-19-10 at 22:31:33 PDT, seller added the following information:

please note that some very nice ebayers called it to my attention that the outer soft focus lens is missing so please bid with that in mind. Again thankyou to the ebayers out there calling figuring it out"

but still....he knew it the 1st time around......

Doug Howk
20-Jun-2010, 05:33
Now that the thread has outed a buyer-beware eBay seller, sure hope somebody can answer my original question.
The lens I have does have a functioning soft focus ring. I've used the lens in some studio shots with good results. But being wide open at f4.5 means vary narrow range of clear definition. If I could get the aperature to turn (locked tight as Carol Flutot can attest), it would be my primary lens. Or manual aperature possibly with a Packard shutter would also be great. Any suggestions on how and who to do the work much appreciated.

20-Jun-2010, 06:00
you could make some kind of stops to go on the front or the rear (better) and act as an aperture. this may affect the image slightly but will work.

see if the barrel the seller has will fit your lens. buy the barrel switch the elements and enjoy.