View Full Version : Shen Hao TZ45IIA and Schneider 90mm lens

19-Jun-2010, 08:13
I am just starting with LF and got these 2 items, however i cant really focus the lens good enough even with the bellows completely retracted. Am i doing something wrong, or am i supposed to get a recessed lensboard?

If so, exactly which kind of lens board should i be looking for?

19-Jun-2010, 09:08
Lucian - I have the same camera and also have the 90 mm angulon lens. I don't have a problem focusing with the lens on that camera. You may want to get a bag bellows though - that will help trememdously.

I will be coming to Cluj-Napoka again in the Autumn to visit an old friend (who is not a photographer). If you'd like to shoot together I'd love to have another LF person to troddle around with for a day. Your country is so beautiful!



Brian Ellis
19-Jun-2010, 09:30
The Shen Hao web site, which is in Chinese, shows the 45TZIIA as having a minimum bellows draw of 110mm. If that's correct (and my Chinese is a little weak) it would be impossible to focus a 90mm lens without a bag bellows or possibly a recessed lens board. http://www.shen-hao.com/TZ45IIA.html But then sultanofcognac (where do people come up with these names, is there some problem with using a real name?) says he has no problem with the same model so who knows. Maybe the web site is wrong.

20-Jun-2010, 04:31
Thanks, i figured it out. It is pretty obvious once you get used to the camera movements.

Johnny: if you do come to Romania, PM me a week ahead, and we'll do a trip together, i know a lot of good places to shoot.