View Full Version : Compur Electronic Shutter - Reliable?

Alan Shapiro
14-Apr-2002, 12:58
Does anyone have experience with the Compur electronic shutter. Is it accurate? Reliable? Repairable?


Michael Kadillak
14-Apr-2002, 13:51
I would go straight to the expert - SK Grimes. His knowledge of shutters, his custom lens caps and retaining wrench along with his service for the large format photographer is a unique opportunity for the large format photographer to take advantage of. Plus, he is a great guy.

Good Luck

neil poulsen
14-Apr-2002, 15:40
If you speak to S. Grimes, perhaps you could let us know.

Fred De Van
15-Apr-2002, 02:18
I have owned all three sizes in the past. They are very accurate. Great for long well timed exposures. The #5 is too heavy for many wooden cameras. The cable is heavy also. They were wonderful for my needs. Long out of production, and I understand there are few parts. If I still had them and they worked I would keep them, but think twice about buying them today. The lenses I had mounted in them were all Voightlander APO's, and that may have had a lot to do with likeing the shutters.