View Full Version : Year of Manufacture of this Dagor?

Richard K.
18-Jun-2010, 10:23
Not yet a Dagor actually but has the following markings (in two rows) on the barrel:

Doppel Anistigmat f/7.7 DRP#74437 , Series III No.2 F=180mm

C.P. Goerz Berlin No.347741

I take it that the first number is a German patent number and the second an individual lens serial number? But I can't find a year reference. Thanks for your help!

Louis Pacilla
18-Jun-2010, 10:52
Hi Richard

The earliest series III's/Dagors were all max 7.7. I read this in an old publication from the turn of century it's been a while & I have been wrong before. If so please correct me. That being said I don't think I am.

Your lens having a focal length of 7 inches or so & max aperture of 7.7 leads me to believe it's an early one.At one point Goerz opened the shorter focal lengths up to 12" to a max of f6.8 & 14 inch & up max f7.7

I have a early 5 digit serial # 60379 with a focal length of around 5 inch at 7.7 max aperture. Great little lens & has great coverage.

Don't know this helped but it's something.


E. von Hoegh
18-Jun-2010, 12:13
A 7 inch Dagor was never made in Berlin.
"Serie" is the marking on a German Dagor. Not "Series".
Your serial # is much too late for the lens to be marked "Doppel Anastigmat" only.

You, Sir, are the proud owner of a Burke & James remount!!

Steven Tribe
18-Jun-2010, 14:21
I agree that the serial number must be wrong - "serie" is often read as "series". 180mm is the standard no.2 size for the 1890's doppel anastigmats. And Burke & James would never have bothered with a long-since expired German Patent number!

Richard K.
18-Jun-2010, 15:05
*Richard, you are an idiot!! Or at least in desperate need of wearing reading glasses when reading teeny tiny cereal, er, serial numbers. The actual number on the barrel
is No. 34741 :o

* I can say this because I'm me....

Richard K.
18-Jun-2010, 15:06
And yes it's Serie not Series...:o

Richard K.
18-Jun-2010, 15:11
And I've been wrong about four other things today!!! :D

Steven Tribe
18-Jun-2010, 15:25
1894 or perhaps 1895. These were fantastic years for Goerz (with help from Ross and others!), he had already made 30,000 serie III by 1895. So yours must be just before this date. I have have a 6xxx serial number - but it is a pre-anastigmat period Lynkeioskop!

Steven Tribe
18-Jun-2010, 16:20
To E. von Hoegh!
I am aware that you designed this lens - and you did a very good job too.
However as you were born in the 1860's, I think, I feel I have some cause to doubt your memory.

Paul Fitzgerald
18-Jun-2010, 19:13
Richard, I have the 240 & 300 versions, nice lenses, Have fun with your's.

"You, Sir, are the proud owner of a Burke & James remount!!"

Just to add some fuel to that fire, I have:
C.P. Goerz Berlin Dogmar #661166
C.P. Goerz Berlin / Zeiss-Ikon Dogmar #661178
so the change over came at #661170

C.P. Goerz Am. Opt. Co. Artar #758880 un-coated
Goerz Dogmar #317553 factory hard coated & non-convertible
there was yet another company knocking-off Goerz lenses beside B&J