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17-Jun-2010, 09:28
I know this isn't LF related, but I'm curious. There is a feature I'm looking at in a magazine, and the frame edges were left in a number of the shots. I'm interested in finding what camera was used, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know a website that shows what frame borders various MF cameras make?


17-Jun-2010, 09:35
I don't think you'll be able to figure that out. The MF cameras I've used don't do anything unique for borders. Many times the borders are faked in magazines too in the name of artistic license.

17-Jun-2010, 09:36
AFAIK The only distinctive one is the Hassy backs have 2 notches on one side.

17-Jun-2010, 09:45
I'm pretty sure that MF cams each make a fairly unique mark. The RZ is very distinctive, and quite different from the mamiya 7 etc. The film edges in this feature were not faked btw, and even if they were, they were scanned from real film =)

17-Jun-2010, 09:59
Oh yeah, Thats right, the Mamiya RB, & RZ have very distinctive corners.

17-Jun-2010, 10:00
The ones I'm seeing look very similar to the RZ, but has two hassy live V lines at the bottom. Maybe these are faked from a hassy, but the feature was shot with film, so who knows...

Sascha Welter
17-Jun-2010, 10:01
The 2 Hasselblad "spikes" are the most well known, IIRC some Mamiya or other japanese manufacturer had a special design in the "corners".

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17-Jun-2010, 10:04
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17-Jun-2010, 10:06

I'm not sure you should rely on notches or anything else to try to figure this out. I've got four A12 Hasse backs and I have filed additional notches in each one (1-4 notches) to identify the inserts in case of frame overlap or some other problem. Makes it much easier to figure out which one might need service. Other folks might do something similar so it could easily confuse the issue.

If you've got that magazine, why not simply track down who did the shoot and call, email or otherwise contact them for this information.

17-Jun-2010, 10:09
Lenser, it was shot by con poulos- and he does not return emails unfortunately.

Daniel Stone
17-Jun-2010, 10:21
to me, if he shoots full frame(no cropping), the format looks like 6x8, so probably a gx680.

I've worked with a guy out here in LA that uses one for tabletop work, previously with Provia(RDPIII), and now with a Leaf digital back.

he's been considering moving over to a view camera w/ a sliding back, so he can use the new digital LF lenses to maximize the quality through the back.

were the images square? rectangular? could you give us a link maybe to see(if its on the web?)


17-Jun-2010, 10:28
They are rectangular and looks to me like 645 or 6x7.. I can't find a link to the feature, sorry.. I don't think the gx680 has much in the way of edges, not sure though.

17-Jun-2010, 10:50
Just in case anyone cares, I solved the mystery. It's a hassy V series with a 645 back! Thanks for everyones help