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17-Jun-2010, 03:31
Hello, as i am waiting for my first LF kit to arrive, i am on the lookout for some negatives as well. A local shop is selling them, however they are listed in Centimeters (CM) and its a bit confusing.

So, which format is actually 4x5 inches?
Is it the 9x12 cm, or the 10x15 cm?


17-Jun-2010, 04:32
So, which format is actually 4x5 inches?


it is 4x5 inches.

10.1 x 12.7cm

do not buy in cm. only buy 4x5 in inches.

where are you?

17-Jun-2010, 04:34
You see 9x12 used a lot for the CM equivalent on the web. On my boxes of Kodak 320 TXP it's listed as 4x5 in. and 10.2x12.7 cm, same for Fuji, I assume would be so for Ilford.

Sascha Welter
17-Jun-2010, 05:56
9x12cm is a different film size, beware. Same thing (but more often seen) as with the difference of 5x7" and 13x18cm.

Jeffrey Sipress
17-Jun-2010, 08:47
2.54 is the factor. You can multiply, right?

17-Jun-2010, 08:54
I found another dealer that sells film in 4x5 inches, so i'm gonna go for that. Thank you for your replies.

17-Jun-2010, 11:13
Google 4 inches to cm then 5 inches to cm if you really don't want to do math...

17-Jun-2010, 11:20
I was wondering the same thing as I waited for my camera to come. The short answer is to buy 4x5 film sized in inches. The metric film sizing is a different standard.

From the research I did, the film itself is not really 4" x 5", but is nominally 100mm x 125mm, with the actual size varying a bit between makers. The image size is nominally 95mm x 120mm. Are we confused yet? :)


P.S. Here are a couple of references:


17-Jun-2010, 11:27
where are you?

From his gallery address, I would guess Romania...


17-Jun-2010, 11:54
Modern 9x12 and 5x4 DDS are the same external dimensions so as long as the camera is post WWII with an International back either holder will fit.

9x12 was the nearest Continental size that was equivalent to 5x4, it's a touch longer than the English Quarter plate & it was a pre WWII German standard that is still in use in Europe so a wide range of film's available from most companies

The DDS 9x12 holders are quite cheap so it might be worth getting half a dozen in case there's only 9x12 in stock when you need more film.

I used both formats as I have 5 pre-WWII 9x12 cameras, and it's a nice format slightly longer rectangle than 5x4. The screens on many 5x4 cameras are marked for this format.


17-Jun-2010, 11:55
If Romania, should one be looking for 5x4 film instead... or is that only England and Australia?

17-Jun-2010, 12:25
Former Eastern block countries tended to use 9x12 as the FSU made clones of pre War & Wartime German cameras so adopted Continental European formats.

But 5x4 and 10x8 have become more universal in recent years so there's a mix of both available.

9x12 wasn't a British standard so cameras made for that format often took Quarter plate holders which would fit the same back, this was the case in the UK, Australia, New Zealand etc and not forgetting the US where the larger Nagel made Recomars where Quarter plate.


17-Jun-2010, 12:27
Writing from Romania, where both formats are being sold by different retailers. Thats the reason for my confusion, it was not a math issue..

17-Jun-2010, 15:31
The image area is 96mmx120mm

which is 3.78" x 4.72"

size is 100mmx125mm (slightly less than 4x5")