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Mark Kallfass
14-Apr-2002, 10:51
My question: how to change an objectiv?

I`d like to change the board, because my Schneider Angulon 5,6/90 wide angle obj ective needs a special lensboard.

Are there an hinds - thanks a lot.

14-Apr-2002, 14:25
Hi Mark,

As nobody is willing to answer your question :-) :-)

Unscrew the rear element, yes, it can be removed just by unscrewing it. When done you see a ring and this ring keeps the lens on the lensboard. You'll also notice that you need a special tool to unscrew the ring. Maybe you'll find something that fit's, else, AFAIK, Rodenstock has such tool. Remove the ring and the lens will come off from the lensboard.

Mounting the lens on another board is the procedure as above, but in reversed order. Wenn you tighten the ring, take care that lens and ring are correctly centered on the hole of the lensboard, the ring has a flange, at least the ones I've seen.

mit freundeliche Grusse,

Brian Ellis
14-Apr-2002, 23:13
Are you sure you have an Angulon? The 90 mm Angulons were F6.8. A 90 mm F5.6 lens sounds like a Super Angulon. They don't usually require any special lens board.

Colin Carron
15-Apr-2002, 06:39

You need to work out whether you have an Angulon (90/f6.8) or Super Angulon (90/f5.6 or 90/f8).

If it is an Angulon 90/f6.8 you do not need to unscrew the rear element as the flange can be removed without taking the lens apart.

If it is a Super Angulon 90/f5.6 with big front and back lenses (as seems most likely) you will have to do what is as described in the original reply.


15-Apr-2002, 12:06
One last tip. When you attempt to unscrew the retaining ring make sure that your shutter is locked open and the aperture is fully open - these items are too fragile to chance the slip of a finger ruining them.

Mark Kallfass
15-Apr-2002, 17:25
Thank you all for your information! You are right: it is a Schneider Super Angul on 5,6/90mm. I got it very cheap form a dealer (on a normal PLAUBEL lensboard). I had to change the lensboard, because I can`t focus a landscape - the distance between the objetive and the film is too long: only objects in a distance up to four meters are sharp.
I called the firma PLAUBEL - they told me, use a special lensboard. They can do the change for me, but it is very expensive (appr. 120 US-$)... that`s why I ask ...