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16-Jun-2010, 10:55
Does anyone know where I can find a manual for an 11x14 Oriental print washer, made by Gravity Works? (which apparently is no longer in business). I'd be happy with a PDF or photocopy. I would pay for postage if you have one to mail me (copy). Or it could be faxed to me. I've looked everywhere with no luck.

Thanks for any leads......

Peter Mounier
16-Jun-2010, 11:58
This type of print washer is fairly standard in its construction and use. With instructions for another washer, you might be able to glean the info you need for your washer. Here are the instructions for the Eco Print Washer, also made by (Oriental) Seagull. It may be the same, or an evolution or predecessor to the washer you have.



16-Jun-2010, 14:35
Thank you Peter..... good idea! It does look very similar.

But if anyone has something for the one I mentioned, I'd still like to see it.....

Thanks again. I appreciate it very much.

18-Jun-2010, 08:57
i have a gravity works print washer as well... it's great. the instructions they sent with it were minimal, i can scan and email if need be...

William McEwen
18-Jun-2010, 09:17
Yeah, my Zone VI Print Washer, purchased from Zone VI in the 1990s, came only with a one-page xerox (of a xerox of a xerox) instructing how to assemble it.

23-Jun-2010, 22:02
jvo, I would sure appreciate that. Can you do so at: scan303 [at] yahoo [dot] com ?

Thank you very much!

25-Jun-2010, 15:19
jvo, I would sure appreciate that. Can you do so at: scan303 [at] yahoo [dot] com ?

Thank you very much!

it's on it's way to you by separate email - good luck!

23-Aug-2015, 15:06
Hi all. I'm looking for the instructions for my Gravity Works 16X20 print washer. Can not seem to find it anywhere on line. Maybe someone on here has one.

thanks so much.

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