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Jacque Staskon
14-Apr-2002, 08:47
How do you solarize a type 55 negative? I recently viewed the Photo Eye website and ??? Devine Tischler?? had made some images with solarized polaroid negative s. I sure would like to try the technique. Is this just so old that I have for gotten how? Thanks in advance.

Ellis Vener
14-Apr-2002, 16:15
Try peeling the negative away from the print about 10-15 seconds into the developing process and exposing the negative to a very intense light the length of the development tome before you peel is related to the temperature. Only the black (unlit0 areas of the P'roid negative solarize. This is according to photographer Michael Grecco in his book<B>The Art of Portrait Photography<B>(Amherst, 2000).

Chad Jarvis
14-Apr-2002, 18:50
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Chad Jarvis
14-Apr-2002, 18:52
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Ellis Vener
15-Apr-2002, 05:14

Bill Jefferson
15-Apr-2002, 06:50
Hi Jacque, If that technique will not work, It is because some years ago, the developer formulation was changed to avoid the solarization, as it turned into a major problem for all T-55 users.


mike rosenlof
15-Apr-2002, 09:53
There was an article about solarizing T55 in View camera sometime in the last couple of years. Can't remember exactly when, but there might be an index available somewhere...

This author opened the envelope and exposed the sandwich through the back of the neg if I remember correctly.

Jacque Staskon
15-Apr-2002, 10:36
Ellis, what would you call an intense light?

15-Apr-2002, 13:53
Try this link:


If you dig enough here, through "create"...you can find some how-to tips on solarizing type 55 and other things.

Jacque Staskon
15-Apr-2002, 16:50
Thanks to all who contributed to my query. The Polaroid site was most helpful. For those of you that might be interested in trying to "solarize a type 55 negative here is what Polaroid recommends. 1. Expose the negative as you normally would, but under-develop by 5- 10 seconds (normal development time is 20 sec. at 70 degrees F). 2. As soon as you peel the print from the negative, re-expose the negative to very bright light ( a common method is to flash it with a handheld strobe). ((I would call that pretty intense Ellis..insert a smile here.)) 3. Quickly and carefully place the negative in total darkness for 45 to 60 seconds ( a light-tight box or container will do if you are not working in a darkroom). 4. Remove the negative from the dark and quickly place it in the sodium sulfite solution and complete the recommended clearing process.

Thanks again for all your help. I'll let you know how it works.