View Full Version : Fair price for lens? coverage issues?

Jon Paul
15-Jun-2010, 12:47
Hi again everyone. I have narrowed down my lens selection.
First off, what might be a fair price for a used 24mm Rodenstock apo sironar-s in ex condition?
Also, how limiting would a 250mm image circle be for 8x10 with primary use being landscapes (some tilt and rise)?


Donald Miller
15-Jun-2010, 13:16
I assume you meant a 240 mm lens rather than a 24 mm lens. The image circle you mention will not cover 8X10.

Gem Singer
15-Jun-2010, 13:19
A 250mm image circle will not cover 8x10.

Assuming you meant the 240 Apo Sironar-S, the lens has a 372mm image circle.

Expect the Rodenstock-S series of lenses to be pricey. "S" stands for sharper.

Click on LF Home Page on the blue tool bar above.

Scroll down to "Comparison Charts".

You will find the information you are seeking.

Clive Gray
15-Jun-2010, 13:22
Hello Jon, did you mean a 240mm Rodenstock apo sironar-s ?

I wouldn't know the value offhand however that lens has an image circle of 372mm according to the comparison chart (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF8x10in.html) on the home page.

372mm would allow for a fair amount off movement on 10x8 whereas a 250mm image circle would be realistically unusable as you need 320mm to cover the format.

The n version of that lens has an image circle of 350mm which allows for some movement and tilt and is ok as a moderate wide angle for landscapes and would be cheaper.

Ron Marshall
15-Jun-2010, 13:36
I saw one at KEH in EX condition a few months back in the $700 range.

There is a Sinar branded on at Igor's now in LN in the $1400s.

So it depends!

Jon Paul
15-Jun-2010, 13:47
Thanks guys!
Yes, i meant 240mm. Again, your information is helpful.
It looks like the sironar-s is the way to go. The price hurts,
but in the long run, it is what I need.

16-Jun-2010, 14:19
You might want to check out the Fujinon 250mm which has a bigger image circle and is about 1/2 the price.