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15-Jun-2010, 04:03
I recently became the owner of an Ilex Acu-Symmetrical 210 5.6 lens, Number 137 to be exact. Does anyone know anything about this lens? It appears to be a rather modern design I'm guessing 70s vintage Ilex but I really would like to know more for sure if possible. It came without a shutter and should fit nicely in a Copal 1.

I'm wondering if this design was one of their last. I won it at auction for less than $30 including shipping and am trying to figure out if I scored or not.

15-Jun-2010, 22:41
Since I can hear the crickets chirping and the frogs croaking around this thread I'm betting this lens was made about 25 minutes before Ilex closed their doors for good. All I was hoping to find was one kindred soul that had used or even heard of this lens. I really like to know anything about it's design and coverage.

16-Jun-2010, 03:46
Seth has information on Ilex (as well as tons of other stuff) in his info section at www.cameraeccentric.com. Just find Ilex and click on it and the catalog/brochure will open up.

Also, since Calumet marketed lots of Ilex lenses, someone there may have info that could help you. 1-800-Calumet.

Good luck.

16-Jun-2010, 08:20
Thanks for responding,

The problem is, while Seth has a lot of info on older lenses in the Ilex line as well as info on Calumet that's a bit too old or a bit too new. Similar problems exist with Burke & James and he has nothing on Burleigh Brooks. I'm not knocking Seth's page, on the contrary, he is a valuable resource I've used to help answer many a question I've had on vintage equipment but he too only has information on what he can find.

I have figured out that this piece was either sold directly Ilex or possibly through Burke & James or Burleigh Brooks. Again, there just isn't much information on these companies from the mid-seventies as they were in their dying days.

At this point I'm postulating the thought that this lens may have been designed in an attempt to keep the Calumet contract and thus, keep the doors open at Ilex but that's a guess on my part.

My other guess is there can't be many of these things in the world because this one is the only one I've seen and I've thrown out these question in a couple of forums now and not much has come back. I will try calling Calumet and see if anyone there knows anything but I'm not holding my breath.

Jan Pedersen
16-Jun-2010, 08:55
I have a few Ilex lenses and have sold a few to but non of them was labeled as yours.
The catalogue i have mentions two types, the first being the Acuton a plasmat design which in smaller sizes were f4.8 lenses. Another Ilex lens was the Acutar, a triplet with a speed of f6.3
I am guessing that your 210 5.6 is the same as a Schneider Symmar 210

16-Jun-2010, 10:12

The current thought on this lens from the Photo.net forum is that it's a 6/4 plasmat design that should be very similar to the Schneider Symmar 210 of which you speak.

It's labeled similarly to lenses sold by Burleigh Brooks.

It should cover 5x7 with no problem and since I'm shooting 4x5 it should be a great lens. Now all I need is a shutter and a lens board for my Graphic View II.

Steve Goldstein
16-Jun-2010, 10:31
You might try sending a PM to Lynn Jones, who posts on this forum from time to time. He was involved with some of these companies and designs during his career.

17-Jun-2010, 03:12

Actually Lynn contacted me on the Photo.net forum and gave me quite a bit of what I know about this lens but I will contact him directly to see what else he can tell me. Thank you.