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Richard K.
14-Jun-2010, 13:40
I've just shot a couple of portraits with a beautiful Cooke Knuckler that I acquired recently. I was wondering what year this lens was made if there is a place that I can find the Cooke serial numbers? This one is 116336. Thanks for your help!

Steve Hamley
14-Jun-2010, 13:49

E-mail Barbara Lowery at Cooke: barb@zgc.com

Let us know what you find out!

Cheers, Steve

Steven Tribe
14-Jun-2010, 16:42
Around 1926. According to VM, there is no reliable serial no. data - apart from certain periods. Yours matches one of "known periods". "Cooke" is just a label applied to some objectives - the real maker was Taylor, Taylor & Hobson who ended up as part of the Rank Organisation in the UK (early 1960's?).

Richard K.
14-Jun-2010, 17:02
Thanks Steve and Steven!

15-Jun-2010, 00:40
show us the portraits already!

15-Jun-2010, 04:56
Another key to dating a Cooke, is that the knuckles didnt start until 1924.