View Full Version : Replacing Bubble Levels on Sinar X

Bryan W
14-Jun-2010, 10:34
Trying to replace the levels on my Sinar X. Anyone have ant ideas on how to do this without taking the front and rear standards totally apart?


Ken Lee
14-Jun-2010, 11:21
This fellow (http://shop.ebay.com/apogeebee/m.html?_dmd=1&_ipg=100&_sop=1&_rdc=1) may likely know. He has helped me with some Sinar repair issues.

You can contact him via eBay itself.

Clive Gray
14-Jun-2010, 11:47
Pick up a copy of the service manual (http://www.image2output-support.com/downloads/sinar/View%20Camera%20Service%20Manuals/Sinar%20P.pdf) and see if you can work out a way.

I haven't done this but from what I remember reading it doesn't require a massive amount of stripping down.

Although that is tittled the Sinar P manual it covers the X and for that matter the P2.

Bryan W
22-Jun-2010, 12:03
Thank you everyone for the info!

all the best!

Ken Lee
22-Jun-2010, 12:09
What did you do ?

Bryan W
30-Jun-2010, 14:27
I did all of the above, George got back to me right away and was very helpful in removing the levels. I am still waiting to hear back from contacts that may have the levels or know a vendor that sells them.

Thank you everyone for your help!