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Scott --
14-Jun-2010, 08:20
Hi, all -

Playing around with paper negatives. Lacking any paper developer, I've been trying HC-110 and Caff-C. The Caff-C looks promising, except for a ton of little white spots all over the paper after developing, which, when inverted in PS, appear as black spots:


Any idea what's causing this? I'm developing in a Uniroller drum, and have had no problems using this stuff with film.


Scott --
14-Jun-2010, 09:19
Background: When I was experimenting with Caffenol-C, I landed on a two-part system, wherein the coffee was mixed ahead of time, as was the washing soda. The two were combined at developing time and ascorbic acid added. Worked great. But the coffee's been sitting a while, and I got to thinking about particulates settling out, so I strained the stuff. Well, after running through several coffee filters and an extra-fine sieve, I think it's much clearer. There was a ton of solids. I'm hoping that this filtering (and the one I did of the combined solution) will help.

Fixing now...

Scott --
14-Jun-2010, 10:18
Well, it's a definite improvement...


Thinking I might go back to the 1:3 HC-110 and see what that gets me. I think the end result of all this is that (a) I need the bellows, and (b) I need film... :rolleyes:

14-Jun-2010, 11:55
You might also try Parodinal or Rodinal. Parodinal is pretty simple to mix up and works as well as Rodinal with the same times.

By-the-way, which papers are you using and what iso are you metering at? Any filtration?