View Full Version : Sinar Digital Shutter power / battery...???

Per Volquartz
8-Mar-2002, 23:55
I am looking for a battery power source for a Sinar Digital shutter (NOT the Exp olux!) - am wondering if it is possible to make a "homemade" rig...???

Anyone out there use a Sinar Digital Shutter???

Steve Gangi
9-Mar-2002, 14:50
If you know the specifications, it should be easy to whip up a DIY rig. What is the needed voltage and the max required current? Any timing requirements? My guess is that any speed controls are already built into the shutter, and the supply only needs to be a stable DC source (the right voltage battery and maybe a regulator chip or voltage divider).

Erik The Viking
9-Mar-2002, 15:09
www.digitalcamerabattery.com .

Steve Thornton
18-Mar-2004, 22:38
I have recelled a Sinar Digital shutter battery pack. Call any battery specialty store and they can steer you in the right direction. It uses either c or sub c batteries and they are welded together with jumper strips. It is easy to do and a great deal less than Sinar.

Joe Bossuyt
16-Feb-2005, 14:47
You can still buy the Battery Pack and/or Charger new if you wish from B&H Photo Video.

Try: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?ci=1&sb=ps&pn=1&sq=desc&InitialSearch=yes&O=SearchBar&A=search&Q=*&shs=sinar

Or type in "sinar battery" in the search window on the web page.