View Full Version : What camera is this? LOOKING FOR 2,5cmx2,5cm TRIPOD ADAPTER

13-Jun-2010, 00:29
I recently came across this camera, but have no clue to who made it. I haven't bought it, since it's missing the tripod adapter, which makes a monorail quite useless. The rail is 2,5cm by 2,5cm in height and width, if anyone knows which rail this is or has one, please do let me know. If I can find a tripod adapter, I'll probably buy it.
Any information on the camera is welcome. The seller told me Plaubel, but I can't find any Plaubel camera that looks like this. It's 13x18.


Paul Ewins
13-Jun-2010, 05:48
A cambo adapter should fit.

13-Jun-2010, 06:53
A cambo adapter should fit.
Thanks, that'd be great news and easier to get then one specific for this camera!