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douglas gove
12-Jun-2010, 15:04
50mm f2.8 fujinon ex with flat board...135mm f4.5 rodenstock omegaron with cone...35mm carrier...4x5 anr glass carrier...any interest?

25-Jun-2010, 14:09
Hey, do you still have the 4x5 anr carrier?

douglas gove
26-Jun-2010, 08:00
yes i do ...doug

douglas gove
26-Jun-2010, 08:06
how did this post get moved from FS/WTB to cameras and accessories? doug

4-Jul-2010, 21:45
tried sending private message--no response. Still there? Still selling?

douglas gove
6-Jul-2010, 15:42
i am in the process of moving...due to the wonderful folks at noncast, i will be offline until friday...i will contact you then...doug

26-Jul-2010, 11:30

douglas gove
26-Jul-2010, 13:13
Arthur...sorry i donated the chassis and lamphouse...doug