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scott jones
13-Apr-2002, 02:54
Hi All,

I just was loaned long-term, an Eseco Speedmaster Universal Densitometer model T RC-60DG serial 92303. It is huge and does transmission and reflective measuremen ts and has color capability.

I want to use it for black and white film and paper measurements. No instruction book included however. Does anyone have personal experience with this model and /or have the instruction booklet? I have already sent the company an email. Than ks for any help. . .


Bill Jefferson
18-Sep-2003, 03:50
Hi Scott,

We use x-rite densitometers here in production, one thing to look into is bulbs, the older they get, the less stable they are and they will change the readings, we do not shut off the x-rites here. You also need a calibrated standard to check the unit, We check them weekly when a shift in readings is noticed, the bulb is automatically changed alowed to burn in usually overnight, and the unit recalibrated.