View Full Version : Polaroid Outlook, or should I buy a Polaroid Holder

Larry Gebhardt
12-Apr-2002, 11:35
I am thinking about buying a Polaroid holder for my 4x5. I know Polaroid is suf fering financially, has there been a commitment to produce film for the forseabl e future? I don't want to buy a holder and find out next month that film produ ction was halted. Also, how long does Polaroid film keep in the freezer? Can i t be frozen.

Scott Walton
12-Apr-2002, 12:31
As you know, they are trying to restructure with a buyout wanted. I personally hope the sheet films will be available for a long time but whos can tell. You shouldn't freeze the sheets being that it will effect the chemical pods. As far as buying a back Larry, it is a real crap shoot right now. I have heard that Fuji was looking at the operation and a few other companies but who is to tell.

Ellis Vener
12-Apr-2002, 14:13
Do not freeze polaroid films!

Even if for some bizarre reason Polaroid corporation fails to reorganize, some other company will buy the technology. For the forseeable future they will be making and distributing film.

Fred De Van
12-Apr-2002, 14:21
Fuji already has the technology and has been producing Polaroid sheet films for decades. One is sold here under the Poloroid name now. The only reason you cannot buy Fuji made Polaroid is licensing. Thet restriction would fall away if Polaroid was to fail in the US. Konica may also have it since they made a version of the 195 type camers for Japan.

Bob bFrancis
12-Apr-2002, 20:30
I recall that Polariod UK said at the time this all blew up that they are financially independent (and profitable) from the US parent company and have all rights to continue to produce instant film in the UK.