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10-Jun-2010, 09:44
I came across these units on ebay and wondered if anyone uses one for platinum printing or if it will even be the right UV source as they are made for exposing silkscreen emulsion?




Diane Maher
10-Jun-2010, 10:04
I would think not, as you typically are using a contact printing frame and there doesn't seem to be a way that the unit would work with one. I use an Edwards Engineering one that I bought a while back.

Scott Davis
10-Jun-2010, 10:15
If you have the ability to operate a drill and a screwdriver you can make your own with some blacklight fixtures from Home Depot (the fixtures are made by GE and have bulb, ballast and power supply built in for about $18-20 apiece). I screwed a bank of six of them to the bottom of an IKEA shelf and plugged them all in to a surge strip which is then in turn hooked into a Gra-Lab darkroom timer. Works simply, cheaply and reliably, and they provide even coverage for up to 16x20 print sizes.

10-Jun-2010, 10:24
The light source itself (UV wavelength) is fine for Platinum printing. If the lid can provide enough pressure to hold the neg and paper together tightly, then it will work -- one would lay the neg down, then the paper, then the lid. Might be a little awkward making sure the neg and paper are well registered, but a system can easily be worked out.

One could load everything into a contact printing frame and just set it on top of the glass (some rubber bumpers might keep the frame from scratching the glass), but you would have UV light leaking out around the contact printing frame -- and the UV would have to pass thru two sheets of glass -- slightly longer exposure times.

I would like to know if there are built in fans to keep the ballasts and the unit is general cool.


10-Jun-2010, 13:29
Thanks for the replies. There doesn't appear to be a cooling fan. I just figured for $370.00 its worth it to not have to make one yourself. I didn't realize Home Depot sold UV fixtures as you mentioned. I have a table saw and can make a box so I guess I'll just make my own. I just realized the shipping on this ebay unit is over $70.00 anyway.