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Former Member 8144
10-Jun-2010, 09:39
Hi guys,

Just picked up my used Ebony RSW45.
As I thought, just like my old SW45 without the extra movements so all in all a great piece of kit.

The ground glass it has come with is a one piece linhoff one with marking for 69, 612 etc, etc.
It's frosted on one side of course and the marking are in dark black.

Although I'm sure the linhoff screen is nice and bright, I don't shoot roll film backs and really want my view as uncluttered as possible.

What are the best options for a replacement ground glass / fresnel set up.
Lenses used are 80 and 120mm with perhaps a 150 very rarely.



Henry Ambrose
10-Jun-2010, 10:40
I use a Maxwell - its wonderful.