View Full Version : Fuji Acros - is the emulsion softer than in other films?

10-Jun-2010, 05:24

As I have been getting back my tray developing skills lately, I have found that everything works right when I use Ilford films and D-76. I can develop 4 to 5 sheets simultaneusly without problems.

I have also developed Efke 25 sheets without scratches but could not get even result.

But the Acros is different story. I have tried it with Pyrocat-HD 1:1:100 and 20 deg celsius.
By developing two or more at same time I get always markings or even scratches.
Some of the marks are like another sheet is pressed against other which has it's shape visible. Some markings are not scratches but like trails caused by edge or corner of the another sheet.

This was really surprise as I have used Acros + pyrocat-HD combination for a long time and never had any problem until now with tray development.
I also would have expected that Efke 25 would get a lot of scratches instead of acros.

Not sure however if this could be caused partially by tan process. Is the emulsion more vulnabre in tanning developers during development than in non-tanning developers?

Keith Tapscott.
10-Jun-2010, 11:36
Is the emulsion more vulnabre in tanning developers during development than in non-tanning developers?Possibly, although others here might have suggestions concerning pyro and catechol developers with Acros film.
See this link. http://www.film-and-darkroom-user.org.uk/forum/showpost.php?p=613&postcount=8

10-Jun-2010, 11:42
Thanks for the link!

Keith Tapscott.
10-Jun-2010, 11:48
Thanks for the link!There's more of that thread here. See post 6 onwards. http://www.film-and-darkroom-user.org.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=99&highlight=Prescysol

I'm sure others here might have suggestions for better results though.

10-Jun-2010, 21:29
Jukka, your Acros problem is due to the films hardening, there are many posts about reticulation with Acros and choice of developer isn't the issue, processing temperatures are, or rather lack of tight control.

So I'm not at all surprised you have problems with scratches etc, it's not wise to process multiple sheets at the same time with poorly hardened emulsions.

I sometimes use Acros in 120 with Pyrocat & process at 25C with no problems at all, but it may be prone to scratching in tray development.


10-Jun-2010, 22:47
Thanks Ian. That was really new to me that Acros has soft emulsion as it's new technology film.. I have used it with success in 135 and 120 and 4x5 with Pyrocat when developing using daylight tanks so I really wasn't aware the soft emulsion.

The normal temperature has been 24C but with trays I have used 20C.

I guess then that I should use only daylight tanks with 4x5 Acros or tank with hangers.

Drew Wiley
11-Jun-2010, 13:33
I've done ACROS sheets (both 4X5 and 8X10) many times in PMK pyro in trays with never a problem with scratches. Actually, it's one of the more resistant films in my opinion. The only issue is that this film is more prone to showing uneven dev with air bells when done emulsion down (which is my method), so it's important to limit the number of sheets being done at a time to maintain reasonably constant shuffling.