View Full Version : Light leak or internal reflection?

9-Jun-2010, 11:10

The flare/light leak as shown in this picture:


ruins my negatives occasionally.

It does not happen often and it happens with different film holders so it is not a holder issue.

Lens does not have effect. The picture above has taken with Symmar-S 5.6/150mm and latest picture with similar flare is taken with Symmar-S 5.6/300mm.

The camera is Hasemi (identical with Ikeda Anba and Nagaoka), wooden field camera.
I have checked the bellows and fixed couple of holes, made the fitting of film holder to camera tighter but still this happens.

My best guess is that it's light leak that causes flare only when sun light is hitting just right place.

Gem Singer
9-Jun-2010, 11:18
It's not flare.

You fixed a couple of holes in the bellows, but you missed this one.

It might be inside the box where the bellows is attached to the camera.

Steve Wright
9-Jun-2010, 11:57
I had similar issues until I realized that if I did not make absolutely sure that the film holder was pushed all the way into the camera that I would see a streak near the end of the film where the light would leak around the film holder and glance across the emulsion. Now I make double sure that holder is all the seated and stays seated while I pull out the dark slide. Seems to have fixed that irksome problem!!

Steven Tribe
9-Jun-2010, 14:57
I am sure Steve is right. This is a very straight line of light and both this and it's only occasional appearance point to a ill fitting film holder.