View Full Version : Petzval disassembly?

Scott --
9-Jun-2010, 10:06
Hi, all -

I have a B&J Ajax Portrait Petzval with more haze between the rear elements than I'd like to see. The rear elements are s'posed to be air-spaced, right? Well, I can't figure out how the two come out. The doublet is housed in a brass tube, and there's got to be a retainer on it, but it be eluding me.

From the outside:

From the inside:

Any ideas?


9-Jun-2010, 10:44

As I tell my wife, when men are building things for other men, they give the next guy a hint: see the knurling inside the rim on the second picture? That tells you it turns. Get yourself an appropriately sized rubber stopper and have at it.


Scott --
9-Jun-2010, 11:50
Wha-hell, Charley! I went to Ace and picked up the biggest rubber stopped they had, came home and cut the top 3/8" off, which fit the diameter exactly, and turned. Didn't think it moved at all, but the I heard the glass rattling. Broke the seal, and now the ring's free!

Thanks for the good tip.

10-Jun-2010, 10:55
be sure to put it back together correctly....if you get extra swirls it may be in wrong.