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erie patsellis
8-Jun-2010, 09:53
I have a roll of PX from the 50's I need to process, I realize the fog issues (and likelyhood of failure).

I've never developed film this old, and typically process for about 25% more time, using HC110 to help tame fog without resorting to benzo. I don't have any of my older Dataguides anymore and as I recall the older versions of PlusX had different development characteristics. Anybody have relevent processing info, for either D76 or HC110?


Nathan Potter
8-Jun-2010, 13:07
Erie, I assume that is Plus X Pan type 5062 emulsion. If so Kodak says:

D-76, small tank, 65 F for 6.5 min.; 68 F 5.5 min.; 70 F 5.0 min. 72 F 4.5 min.; 75 F 3.75 min. Agitation 30 sec. intervals.

All about 1 min. longer for large tank.

HC 110 dilution B, go 30 sec. longer than for D 76 at given temps.

My old frozen Plus X obeys this pretty well but shows a modest 0.1D fog in D 76 at 68F.

Good luck, Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Nathan Potter
8-Jun-2010, 13:35
Erie, data from 1965 shows Plus X Pan (I assume roll film) for D 76 with a 34.5 development number which translates to 6.0 min at 68 F for average contrast. 4.3 min. for lower contrast and 9 min. for higher contrast. HC110 dil B is about a min. shorter time. HC110 Dil. A is just too short at 3.5 min.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Nathan Potter
8-Jun-2010, 13:48
Erie, and if your film goes back before about 1955 Kodak lists Plus X 135 in D 76 at 7 min. at 68F, another minute longer than the 1965 data. Interestingly the same time for old Verichrome Pan, 7 min. in D 76.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

erie patsellis
8-Jun-2010, 13:50
Nate, all the other negatives that were with this roll are from 51-52 era (mostly images of the Korean War I'm scanning for a customer), They didn't realize that this roll was udeveloped as tehy never opened the can. Still in its nice little yellow aluminum can after all those years.

Jay DeFehr
8-Jun-2010, 13:58
How cool! Best of luck to you!