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7-Jun-2010, 23:34
Anyone in the area shooting the oil spill/clean-up?
or possibly the last chance to shoot the wetlands/wildlife prior to damage.
I'm just interested, not trying to make an enviromental statement.

8-Jun-2010, 00:57
I saw a piece on the Dune Lakes, one of only three such freshwater features in the entire World, now threatened by oil. My god it makes a person mad.



"Only a few places in the world can lay claim to nature's rate Coastal Dune Lakes. New Zealand's Northland, Australia's Queensland, Madagascar, and Florida's Northwest Gulf Coast are home to these natural wonders. This alone qualifies them as an incredibly rare phenomenon, worthy of discovery and exploration."

8-Jun-2010, 06:15
I've considered driving down for the weekend, but my weekends continue to become clogged with work.... I don't see how you guys make the time to get out and shoot.

Thom Bennett
8-Jun-2010, 07:06
Check out my friend's work on this disaster: http://andylevin.com/

He's down there almost every day. There are lots of local (New Orleans) photographers trying to cover the story from all angles but the media access is extremely limited by BP. This is going to be a long haul story.

Ed Richards
8-Jun-2010, 07:58
I went down to the coast on the west side of LA last week, but fortunately there is no oil to see there. I was looking for images for my washing away series, but between Hurricanes Rita and Ike, the western LA region has been swept pretty clean. Most of what is left is new and what isn't new is in ruins.

This is going to be the classic up to your ass in alligators problem - as bad as the oil might become, the long term problem is that the land is subsiding and disappearing under the water, which is hastened by climate change raising the ocean level. The wetlands (land water boundary) are retreating several hundred yards a year in most places, and retreating in all places. On the good side, this means that the longterm damage from the oil will be limited. As the wetlands retreat, they leave the oil zone behind. On the bad side, by 2100 there will not be much left. The areas that remain will have been swept by killer hurricanes: hence my washing away project.


15-Jun-2010, 18:54
at least my property in thibodaux will be much mmore valuable when it becomes beachfront

23-Jun-2010, 19:46
The people on the gulf coast just can't get a break.

23-Jun-2010, 20:58
What's wrong with making an enviromental statement?