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7-Jun-2010, 00:29
hey all,

i got some cool lenses.

one is a giant Hermagis petzval lens. it is about a 25 inch focal length lens. it stands 16 inches tall with a glass diameter of 5.5 inches. (i am sorry to say it is missing the flint glass and will not focus....BUT the cemented element in the front will focus at about 42 inchesif you want to use it as an achromatic lens.

the other is a tiny lens. it is the size of my thumbnail (with silver nitrate stains from shooting collodion). it focuses at about 4.25 inches. look very closely in the 1st picture and see if you see it. the film holder is a plastic 4x5 holder.


7-Jun-2010, 03:36

so it DOES focus......i took it apart and the rear has a different lens in it. not the usual crown flint arrangement. my friend was telling me about this technique that people used back in the day. i am not sire how to call the lens. meniscus i guess. one element in the rear that is shaped like an eye glasses glass.

could be a new "soft focus" look. more when i shoot with it.