View Full Version : Delta 3200 in 8x10?

John NYC
6-Jun-2010, 13:44
I would love to try Delta 3200 in 8x10, if it were made. What are the chances of Ilford producing such? Would anyone be interested in trying to do a group buy to convince them?

Andrew O'Neill
6-Jun-2010, 15:18
Every now and then, this questions pops up. It would be nice, but doubtful that it would ever happen.

Oren Grad
6-Jun-2010, 16:11
There was a long discussion of this on APUG quite a while back.

One problem is that unlike the annual ULF program, which just requires cutting to different sizes film that they're already manufacturing, Delta 3200 is currently coated only on acetate roll film base, and some non-trivial R&D expense might be required to adapt the emulsion to polyester sheet film base, assuming it can be done.

Another issue that comes into the calculation is whether people who buy Delta 3200 would cut back on their purchases of HP5 Plus, leaving Harman with a sunk R&D investment and higher overhead cost from needing to manage more different products, but with no benefit in overall sales.

John NYC
6-Jun-2010, 16:33
Interesting points, Oren. I didn't know it would be more involved than just cutting a different size. It's too bad. I positively love the stuff in 120 format.