View Full Version : Suggestions and Preferences for 4x5 Lenses

Paul mapstone
5-Mar-2002, 16:22
I am new to Large format and I have been given some older Lenses to start up. I have not been able to test them because I am waiting for lens boards etc. I was wondering if I could ask for some "Suggestions and Preferences" with regard to l enses I have been given, their qualities and uses. All are in perfect working or der, shutters clean and adjusted. I will be mainly taking Landscape Photos. Symmar 1:5.6/240 Symmar 1:5,6/ 135 (copal0), Angulon 1:6,8/120, Super Angulon1:8 /121. as well as a shutterless Symmar-S5,6/180. Otherwise Compur Shutters. Regards Paul Mapstone

Doug Paramore
5-Mar-2002, 18:45
Paul: Assuming that your LF is 4x5, you have a good selection of quality lenses. The Super Angulon is a newer and better lens than the Angulon. Symmars are good lenses. The 240 is a good portrait-medium telephoto on 4x5, the 120-121 is slightly wide, as is the 135. Normal for 4x5 is 150. The 180 is a long normal. I would get rid of the 120 because it is the same focal length as the 121 and not as good a lens with less coverage. My suggestion, for what it's worth, would be to trade the 120 in on a 90mm.


neil poulsen
6-Mar-2002, 01:16
Whether or not the Super Angulon is newer, given that it's in good condition, it's better.

6-Mar-2002, 03:02
It doesn't make much sense to keep either the 120 or 121mm. They are both so close to the 135 to not make that much of a difference in practice (the same goes for the 180/240) FWIW: I'd keep the 240 and the 135 - sell the rest and buy a 90mm. That would make a nice compliment of lenses, without wasted weight. Use whatever $ is left over for film.

Edward Kimball
6-Mar-2002, 11:39
Hi Paul,

I am also new to large Format. I wish I had friends like yours. As a few people have said, I too think that one of the 120-121 lenses should go. I would keep one of them because I like the perspective of 120 as well as 135. How do you find focussing the 121? Is f/8 too dark? If not it does have great coverage. I would test both of these lenses for sharpness. If you are happy with the sharpness of both (and are sticking to 4X5) I would sell the 121. You will get more for it than the 120: possibly enough to get a 90. Will the 240 cover 8X10? If it will I would keep it around in case you want to shoot 8X10 and contact print in the future? I personally would have no use for a 240 in 4X5. If you decide to sell any of the lenses e- mail me. I would be interested in any one of them. In good condition, they are all quality lenses.