View Full Version : Reflections from bellows rail on 90mm Schneider

5-Jun-2010, 17:09

I have tried searching for this, but was unable to find anything related to this issue.

I recently purchased a Super Angulon 90mm f8 from eBay. I put it on a Tachihara and as I was trying to focus, I noticed that the Tachihara bellows rails' reflection also showed up in the image even though it is outside of the coverage area. I moved the lens to the front moving the back plate forward to as far out as I could move. The front element is just a little behind the front end of the bellows rail and not visible in the image to the naked eye. However, to test it, I rubbed my hand over the front rail and I could see my hand in the image on the ground plate.

Does anyone know if this is normal? It seems weird to me that it is picking up reflections from outside of its image area. Any ideas on how can this be corrected?


Lachlan 717
5-Jun-2010, 17:35
Use a lens hood/bellow shade.

Some would argue you should be doing this regardless...

Joanna Carter
6-Jun-2010, 01:49
Use a lens hood/bellow shade.
I took the plunge last year, and bought a compendium shade. It really does make a difference. And it's not just avoiding direct lens flare from the sun or other point light sources, it also helps avoid internal reflection of any light that could be reflected from sources like a light coloured road surface, etc.

Overall, the result is that you get better contrast in images, regardless of whether the sun is out or not.

Joanna Carter
6-Jun-2010, 01:50
Easier still, cover the rail with a black cloth.

Gary Beasley
6-Jun-2010, 08:01
Be sure you don't have any pinholes on the lensboard that can cause an errant image to show up as well.