View Full Version : Could somebody identify this camera?

Chris CS
4-Jun-2010, 22:37
I'd appreciate if somebody could identify the camera Joel Sternfeld is using at 1:00 in this video.


Apologies if it's the wrong section for the question :)


Oren Grad
4-Jun-2010, 22:50
It's a Phillips 8x10, probably a Compact II rather than an Explorer.

Chris CS
5-Jun-2010, 04:11
Thanks Oren. :)

Too bad Phillips don't have a proper website.

5-Jun-2010, 07:31
Haven't you heard?
The best advertising is word of mouth.

Oren Grad
5-Jun-2010, 08:30
Too bad Phillips don't have a proper website.

Dick Phillips didn't need one. He ran a one-man shop, and between a single small ad in View Camera magazine at the beginning of each year plus word of mouth, he was able to sell everything he had the capacity to build.

FYI, Dick has retired recently and is no longer building cameras. You can look for a used one, of course, but if you're interested in buying a new camera like that, Chamonix, and Shen Hao in some of its models, have adopted some of his design ideas.