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Howard Barron
4-Jun-2010, 20:14
I recently became affiliated with a Rolleiflex F2.8. I know it is not LF, but do any of you know what size bayonet filter the F2.8 requires. It is a BayII? Give me the benifit of your knowledge.

Thanks, Howard Barron

4-Jun-2010, 21:15
Hi Howard,

I believe the majority of them are Bayonet 3, although some early models were Bayonet 2.

You may enjoy this site (http://www.rolleiclub.com/).


Emmanuel BIGLER
5-Jun-2010, 02:00
Hello from France

Howard, in addition to the used stock of BAYONET-3 Rollei filters, they are available new on catalogue from B+W, Heliopan, SRB-Griturn in the UK, plus other companies.
Moreover there exist various adapters / step-up rings that will allow you to screw-in regular threaded filters. Those rings are available from the above mentioned vendors. Rollei sells a strange (and very expensive) adaptor with kind of a parallelogram allowing to automatically swap a regular threaded filter from the viewing lens to the taking lens (this is really useful only for polarizing filters).
I do own several step-up rings from rollei-TLR bayonets to threaded filters, I have the 3 SRB models from bayo-1 or 2 or 3 to 46mm and an Heliopan from bayo-3 to 40.5mm. M40.5x0.5 mm was a popular filter size for German 35 mm SLRs in the fifities and sixties, and is the actual size at least for a few tessar-type large format lenses.
The heliopan adapter from bayo-3 to 40.5mm is the smallest in diameter that allows the combined use of the Rollei lens hood fitting the outer bayonet.
In order to combine the lens hood with a filter, bayonet-3 filters are definitely the most convenient. To the best of my knowledge there is no 3-rd party lens hood fitting the outer Rollei bayonet ; I have a bayonte-3 Heliopan rubber hood but it fits the inner bayonet, and when stacked on a filter, there is a small amoung of vignetting in the corners. This is, of course, a major darwback for uncompromising photographers like everybody here :D

Have fun with your rollei, the great rival of the 4x5" press camera in the past ! ;-)

Bob Salomon
5-Jun-2010, 02:46
2.8 Planar and Xenatar are Bay 3. Otherwise the original 2.8 was a Bay 2.

Heliopan makes most filter types in Bay 3 and a good selection in Bay 2. They also make metal and rubber hoods in Bay 3 and have several Bay 3 and Bay 2 adapters so you can use standard screw-in filters.

Howard Barron
5-Jun-2010, 07:05
Thanks. I believe you all told me what I need to know. I appreciate it.