View Full Version : Fuji W 250 6.7

tim atherton
11-Apr-2002, 18:25
I've been hunting around looking for one of these lenses with no luck - anyone s een one around anywhere?


tim a

11-Apr-2002, 20:46
Tim, It may help you if you contacted Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange.He is leaving for Japan on a buying trip in the near future. He may be able to locate a Fuji 250 f6.7 W for you. He can be reached at 614-261-1264 ...website is Mpex.com

11-Apr-2002, 21:04
Howdy T! Do you mean the fuji-w 6.3???????

howdy eugene! how are things on the west side of town?


Ed Burlew
12-Apr-2002, 07:51
I have one but sorry I am not selling. This is a very sharp lense and it barely covers 8x10, Only about one third of an inch of movement. The 6.3 has a lot more coverage. If you are using 5x7 or 4x5 then this is a lense with good movement.

12-Apr-2002, 12:01
The f6.7 is the large coverage 250 with 398mm. The f6.3 does not have the coverage for 8x10.

William Marderness
13-Apr-2002, 08:15
I bought this lens for 8x10, but sold it. It does have a large image circle, but so does the lighter, smaller 240mm G-claron. I compared the two side-by-side and the images circles were similar.

Ed Burlew
14-Apr-2002, 07:35
Yes I checked my lense . I have a 6.3 the smaller circel. BUT IT DOES JUST COVER 8x10. I use it in an aluminum Eastman 8x10 and it is very sharp. I learned the cut off was also sharp when I tried o shift the lense.